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In 1973 I was 11.   It was also an amazing year for music. So may great albums that year it was a hard task picking a few, much less one piece of music to represent it.

This album, this band changed the game in a big way. A Bay Area band led by a journeyman guitar player who worked with greats such as Van Morrison and Edgar Winter, Montrose’ self titled debut was pure gold.  Everyone owned this record. It was mandatory listening. Eight tracks of pure power with no fluff. The influence of this one album is undeniable. The songs, and Ronnie Montrose’ style resonate through the classic rock world and are still influencing players today. Somewhere out there today some bored kid pulled this out of his parents stack, played it and went “Woah!”. Members of Montrose  became a Who’s-Who of classic rock, joining  up with the likes of Heart, Van Halen and Night Ranger among others. Here is the original quartet , playing their signature tune “Bad Motor Scooter”.

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