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In 1975 I was 13. My musical tastes were in flux. I started reading Rolling Stone, Circus  and Creem. I became a fan of bands I had not actually heard, only heard of. One of these bands will be discussed in my next entry. This first act, was sort of shoved into my face.

I read an article about this guy. Two in fact. This scruffy dude appeared on the cover of the nations two biggest news magazine in the same week. The music magazines I devoured raved about this guy as the next big thing. By nature I’m skeptical of anything touted as “the next big thing.”  As it turns out, he was, and even that label was a gross understatement. His music helped foster the roots music revival that’s stronger today than ever.

Over the next few years Mr. Springsteen and his band would entrench themselves into my musical soul and remodel it. As a rabid reader and would-be writer, his  gift for language and metaphor would surpass even the beauty and power of his music for me.


Author: Bruce

Music lover, Writer, TechNerd, Outdoorsman, Foodie, Gamer, NFL obsessed

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